The Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver [APASL]

Annual Meetings

Year City President 1978 (1st) Singapore Inaugural Meeting 1980 (2nd) Auckland (NZ) Dr. L Powell 1982 (3rd) Hong Kong Dr. K Okuda 1984 (4th) Bangkok Dr. V Viranuvatti 1986 (5th) Singapore Dr. SC Siang 1988 (6th) New Delhi Dr. B Tandon 1990 (7th) Jakarta Dr. S Noer 1992 (8th) Seoul Dr. WK Chung 1994 (9th) Kuala Lumpur Dr. M Balasegaram 1996 (10th) Rawalpindi Dr. SJ Zuberi 1998 (11th) Perth Dr. W Reed 2000 (12th) Fukuoka Dr. M Yano 2002 (13th) Taipei Dr. Yun-Fan Liaw 2004 (14th) New Delhi Dr. SK Sarin 2005 (15th) Bali Dr. L Lesmana 2006 (16th) Manila Dr. J Sollano 2007 (17th) Kyoto Dr. M Omata 2008 ... [Read more]

Single Topic Conferences

  Year City President Topic APASL Designated Conference 2007 (1st) Calcutta Dr. YK Chawla Hepatic Fibrosis-Basic Science to Therapy — 2007 (2nd) Pattaya Dr. C Pramoolsinsap The Innovation in Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment 1st APASL HBV Conference 2008 (3rd) Cairo Dr. G Shiha Dr. A Ibrahim Liver Fibrosis 1st APASL Liver Fibrosis Conference 2008 (4th) Bali Dr. L Lesmana Hepatocellular Carcinoma 1st APASL HCC Conference 2009 (5th) Istanbul Dr. AK Dökmeci Non Responders — 2009 (6th) Karachi Dr. S Hamid Dr. W Jafri Acute Liver Failure : Asian-Pacfic Perspectives — 2010 (7th) Chiba Dr. O Yokosuka HCV 1st APASL HCV Conference 2011 (8th) Beijing Dr. FS Wang Hepatitis B Virus 2nd ... [Read more]