The Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver [APASL]

YearCityPresidentTopicAPASL Designated Conference
2006 (1st)CalcuttaDr. YK ChawlaHepatic Fibrosis-Basic Science to Therapy
2007 (2nd)PattayaDr. C PramoolsinsapThe Innovation in Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment1st APASL HBV Conference
2008 (3rd)CairoDr. G Shiha
Dr. A Ibrahim
Liver Fibrosis1st APASL Liver Fibrosis Conference
2008 (4th)BaliDr. L LesmanaHepatocellular Carcinoma1st APASL HCC Conference
2009 (5th)IstanbulDr. AK DökmeciNon Responders
2009 (6th)KarachiDr. S Hamid
Dr. W Jafri
Acute Liver Failure : Asian-Pacfic Perspectives1st APASL ACLF Conference
2010 (7th)ChibaDr. O YokosukaHCV1st APASL HCV Conference
2011 (8th)BeijingDr. FS WangHepatitis B Virus2nd APASL HBV Conference
2011 (9th)JejuDr. BC YooHepatocellular Carcinoma2nd APASL HCC Conference
2012 (10th)Ulaan baatarDr. A JazagHBV & HCV Dual Infection2nd APASL HCV Conference
2012 (11th)DhakaDr. S RahmanHBV3rd APASL HBV Conference
2013 (12th)CebuDr. D PayawalHCC3rd APASL HCC Conference
2013 (13th)JakartaDr. R GaniNASH1st APASL NASH Conference
2014 (14th)CairoDr. G ShihaLiver Fibrosis2nd APASL Liver Fibrosis Conference
2014 (15th)KarachiDr. Z AbbasHCV3rd APASL HCV Conference
2014 (16th)GuangzhouDr. JL HouHBV4th APASL HBV Conference
2015 (17th)YerevanDr. H GhazinyanHBV5th APASL HBV Conference
2015 (18th)New DelhiDr. BC SharmaHCV4th APASL HCV Conference
2016 (19th)BusanDr. KH HanLiver Cirrhosis1st APASL Liver Cirrhosis Conference
2016 (20th)KaohsiungDr. WL ChuangHCV5th APASL HCV Conference
2016 (21st)BeijingDr. Lai WeiHBV6th APASL HBV Conference
2017 (22nd)NagasakiDr. Hiroshi YatsuhashiHCC4th APASL HCC Conference
2017 (23rd)UlaanbaatarDr. Oidov BaatarkhuuHCV and coinfection6th APASL HCV Conference
2017 (24th)CairoDr. Gamal ShihaHCV7th APASL HCV Conference
2018 (25th)YokohamaDr. Shuichiro ShiinaHCC5th APASL HCC Conference
2018 (26th)TaipeiDr. Rong-Nan ChienHBV in Asia-Pacific7th APASL HBV Conference
2018 (27th)Kuala LumpurDr. Rosmawati MohamedHCV8th APASL HCV Conference
2018 (28th)IstanbulDr. Necati OrmeciNon-Responder
2018 (29th)BeijingDr. Gui-Qiang WangAutoimmune
2019 (30th)TokyoDr. Atsushi TanakaLiver Immunology and Genetics
2019 (31st)BakuDr. Gulnara AghayevaHepatitis Delta
2020 (32nd)GuangzhouDr. Xiaolong QiPortal Hypertension
2021 (33rd)OsakaDr. Norifumi KawadaMolecular and Cellular Biology
2021 (34th)TokyoDr. Mitsuhiko MoriyamaOncology1st APASL 2020 Oncology
6th APASL HCC Conference
2022 (35th)BeijingDr. Hong YouLiver Fibrosis
2022 (36th)TaipeiDr. Chun-Jen LiuParadigm Shift of HCC Management: Across Viral to Steatogenic Carcinogenesis
2022 (37th)CairoDr. Gamal ShihaLiver Fibrosis: Liver Fibrosis in the era of MAFLD
2022 (38th)TakamatsuDr. Tsutomu MasakiHCC:Clinical and basic research
2022 (39th)WuhanDr. Qin NingCritical Care in Hepatology ACLF
2022 (40th)IstanbulDr. Ibrahim Halil BahceciogluHepatotoxicity
2022 (41st)YerevanDr. Hasmik GhazinianNAFLD/NASH: Non-Infection Epidemic in XXI
2022 (42nd)GuangzhouDr. Jinjun ChenImage-guided Interventions in Liver Diseases
2023 (43rd)ManilaDr. Ian Homer Y. CuaLiver Cirrhosis and Its Complication
2023 (44th)BusanDr. Si Hyun BaeViral Hepatitis
2023 (45th)SendaiDr. Yoshiyuki UenoOncology
2024 (46th)KaohsiungDr. Ming Lung YuMetabolic Disorders
2024 (47th)ChibaDr. Naoya KatoGenomics Meets Immunology
2024(48th)BaliDr. Cosmas Rinaldi A. Lesmana New Concept of Portal Hypertension and Hepatobiliary Malignancy related

APASL STCs (by Theme)

APASL Oncology ConferenceCityPresident
2021 (1st)TokyoDr. Mitsuhiko Moriyama
2022 (2nd)TakamatsuDr. Tsutomu Masaki
2023 (3rd)SendaiDr. Yoshiyuki Ueno

APASL HBV ConferenceCityPresident
2007 (1st)PattayaDr. C Pramoolsinsap
2011 (2nd)BeijingDr. FS Wang
2012 (3rd)DhakaDr. S Rahman
2014 (4th)GuangzhouDr. JL Hou
2015 (5th)YerevanDr.H Ghazinyan
2016 (6th)BeijingDr. Lai Wei
2018 (7th)TaipeiDr. Rong-Nan Chien

APASL HCV ConferenceCityPresident
2010 (1st)ChibaDr. O Yokosuka
2012 (2nd)UlaanbaatarDr. A Jazag
2014 (3rd)KarachiDr. Z Abbas
2015 (4th)New DelhiDr. BC Sharma
2016 (5th)KaohsiungDr. WL Chunag
2017 (6th)UlaanbaatarDr. Oidov Baatarkhuu
2017 (7th)CairoDr. Gamal Shiha
2018 (8th)Kuala LumpurDr. Rosmawati Mohamed

APASL HCC ConferenceCityPresident
2008 (1st)BaliDr. L Lesmana
2011 (2nd)JejuDr. BC Yoo
2013 (3rd)CebuDr. D Payawal
2017 (4th)NagasakiDr. Hiroshi Yatsuhashi
2018 (5th)YokohamaDr. Shuichiro Shiina
2021 (6th)TokyoDr. Mitsuhiko Moriyama

APASL NASH ConferenceCityPresident
2013 (1st)JakartaDr. R Gani
2022 (2nd)YerevamDr. Hasmik Ghazinian

APASL Liver Fibrosis ConferenceCityPresident
2008 (1st)CairoDr. G Shiha
Dr. A Ibrahim
2014 (2nd)CairoDr. G Shiha
APASL Liver Cirrhosis ConferenceCityPresident
2016 (1st)BusanDr. KH Han