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Message from Organizer of APASL STC 2016 in Taiwan

Dear Colleagues,

On behave of the organizing. Committee, it is our great pleasure and honor for me to invite you to the 2016 Asia Pacific Association for the Study of Liver (APASL) – Single Topic conference (STC) on Hepatitis C being held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The conference will take place at Kaohsiung Exhibition Center from June 10th -12th in the year of 2016! The 2016 conference is mainly organized by APASL and Taiwan Association for the Study of the liver (TASL). These societies have common interests in the study of liver. And the conference will focus on viral hepatitis, specifically in the field of the knowledge on Hepatitis C virus.

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection is one of the vital factors that lead to the result of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. The medical communities have been seeking for new therapeutic approaches for curing and put the best effort for reduction of mortality that cause by liver cancer. The overall theme will include vigorous researches and clinical experiments in hepatology as well as all extents aiming for a better understanding of HCV infection in practical preventions to a breakthrough in advanced treatments.

At this conference, we will learn about the devoted knowledge from the most current aspects related to HCV infection and disease from a global view with diversity of experts. It firstly includes epidemiology, natural course and survey of HCV inflection. Plus across from Before cure of patients with HCV infection, its applications and strategies to special populations. Also importantly, it covers the progress of a new oral administration, direct antiviral agents (DAAs) crossing to beyond cure of patients with HCV infection, its extra-hepatic manifestations, prioritization, and vaccine development and regeneration medicine will be specially discussed in separate plenary lectures.

At the interactive discussions among the specialists, we are looking forwarding to learning from your given cutting-edge knowledge and concepts to elucidate the recent advances on hepatitis C from a global perspective and with such a dynamic interaction of knowledge to exchange, we are indeed even more gracious to share the experiences with all the participants. With the participations delivered by research findings and academic researches as well as real-time presentations given from not only our domestic professionals in Taiwan, but also distinguished foreign researchers and scholars from Asia- Pacific region, and other land of continents, all the contributions are anticipated to be meaningful and fruitful.

The taken place of the conference, Kaohsiung, the city is well-known for its beautiful weather and breath-taking sceneries. Especially in the month of June when the conference will be taken place, in this month with the warm summer weather and natural tropical elements nurtured on this island, every visitor and traveler will witness the exotic culture introduced by our friendly people and enjoy the local cuisine and joyful sight-seeing while your stay in the city of Kaohsiung. Besides, the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center is located close to the harbor of Kaohsiung. It has beautiful views of ocean and the Love river areas are attractions just around the corner. There are more sites to visit and explore in this southern city, such as Sizihwan Bay, Chijin Island, they are the landscapes where will give you an exploration of this shiny city that exceed your expectations.

All in all, the 2016 APASL STC in Taiwan is committed by the local organizing committee to host a high medical and scientific standard, and a diversity conference. The conference is prepared to be a fulfilled and memorable experience that we will all find it exploratory. I hope it will be a great opportunity for you to network with top key persons and decision makers from around the world during the dates of conference. And all of your presences and suggestions for the conference will be deeply welcome and appreciated. See you soon.

Wan-Long Chuang, M.D., Ph.D.
President of APASL STC on HCV in Kaohsiung

APASL STC on HCV in Taiwan

Date: June 10-12, 2016
City: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Venue: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center

Deadline of Abstract Submission for APASL STC 2015 in India

Call for abstract for APASL STC on HCV in New Delhi!
The deadline is September 15!!

Dear Participant,

In continuation to our earlier invitation and subsequent reminders to submit abstracts for the upcoming APASL Single Theme Conference on HCV Infection and Diseases, scheduled for December 2015 in New Delhi, this is, yet again, an urgent reminder for submission of your abstract by September 15, 2015 positively.

Your timely submission of the abstract will ensure the release of the supplement of the abstracts for distribution at the time of the conference.

The requisite details and guidelines are already posted on the website ( for ready reference and guidance.

Kindly adhere to the guidelines and the deadline of abstract submission strictly by September 15, 2015.

Best wishes,

Conference Secretariat
APASL STC on HCV in India

APASL2016 Tokyo

Conference Information Scientific Program Registration

*** Registration and Abstract Submission now Available! ***

Important Dates
Deadline for submission of abstracts: September 30, 2015
Close of early bird registration: November 30, 2015

Please Register by November 30, 2015 to take advantage of reduced fees! We look forward to welcoming you in Tokyo in February 2016.

Scientific Program
Feb 20 (Saturday) 2016 : Post Graduate Course
Feb 21 (Sunday) 2016 : Opening Ceremony / HCV Day
Feb 22 (Monday) 2016 : HBV Day
Feb 23 (Tuesday) 2016 : HCC / NASH Day
Feb 24 (Wednesday) 2016: NASH / Other Day / Closing Ceremony

For more information, please visit APASL 2016 Website at

Please also check the latest news of APASL 2016 through the SNSs of APASL 2016 at following pages.


The venue has easy access to both Narita and Haneda Tokyo International Airports.
Also it is only a few minutes walking distance from Shinagawa Station, the terminal station of the Shinkansen bullet train. There are various accommodation options with different categories and price ranges around the venue.

Please Join!
Japanese Tradition in Tokyo.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government will offer the “Complimentary Hospitality Program” for the overseas delegates of APASL 2016. The cultural programs conducted in English gives you an opportunity to feel Japanese traditions. The programs are offered as complimentary basis for participants of APASL2016 and you can book these programs onsite* at the venue. More details will be coming soon at APASL2016 Website!

* Because the participation number of this program is limited, application will be closed as soon as it fills up.

Our Journal is Now on Medline!!

Our Journal is Now on Medline! And available to all APASL members!!

Dear APASL member

It is a matter of great satisfaction and joy to inform that the Hepatology International has been recently accepted by Medline for indexing, and all the papers published so far are now cited on PubMed. This has been a long standing requirement of the APASL members and the academic community of this journal, which has been fulfilled now.

Please log into the member site of APASL with your ID and Password, and reach the journal content through the hyperlink.

Prof. Shiv K Sarin / Prof. Masao Omata,
Chief in Editor, Hepatology International
Contact: APASL Secretariat-Tokyo
Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver [APASL]
Tel: +81-3-5312-7686 Fax: +81-3-5312-7687


The following guidelines are now free access on the journal website!

Vol 8; issue 4, October 2014 (

Guidelines: Acute-on-chronic liver failure:

consensus recommendations of the Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL) 2014
Shiv Kumar Sarin, Chandan Kumar Kedarisetty, Zaigham Abbas…

World Hepatitis Day 2015

***** Report from Turkey *****

“Hepatitis C Myths are Contagious” Project and surveys conducted within the scope of the World Hepatitis Day activities reveal myths about Hepatitis C, which is a significant public health issue.

“Hepatitis C Myths are Contagious” Project aims to correct prejudices and myths about hepatitis C in public and help to understand causes of stigmatization among patients, their families, society, and even healthcare professionals.

Istanbul, 24 July 2015- The dramatic results of the survey within the scope of “Hepatitis C Myths are Contagious” Project have been announced in a press meeting organized in İstanbul on 24 July within the scope of World Hepatitis Week activities.

There are 170 million people worldwide with chronic hepatitis.1 Each year more than 350,000 people lose their lives because of Hepatitis C, and 3% of the global population carry Hepatitis C virus.2,3

Besides being a significant public health issue, myths and incomplete information about the disease is also a significant cause for stigmatization. The general perception is that the disease is transmitted only through sexual means or drug abuse. The resulting stigmatization has a significant impact on patients’ social and business lives, and from time to time may even cause problems in getting support from healthcare professionals.4 Hepatitis C is in fact an infectious disease and the general misinformation about this disease is more contagious than hepatitis C itself, which is mostly blood borne.

The “Hepatitis C Myths are Contagious” Task Force, established with the participation of the Society for Fight Against Viral Hepatitis, Turkish Association for the Study of the Liver, Turkish Gastroenterology Society, Turkish Society for Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Specialty, the Hepato-Bilio-Pancreatology Association (HEBIPA), Turkish Liver Foundation and Living with Hepatitis Patient Association Hep Yaşam; and the contribution of global biopharma company AbbVie aims to increase awareness in society, patients, families, and healthcare professionals; and support prevention of stigmatization through correcting the prejudices and misperceptions that result from being insufficiently informed about Hepatitis C.

The first step in the project was to make in-depth interviews with patients and their families as well as healthcare professionals to collect data about the perception of Hepatitis C.

Patients experience problems such as lack of trust, loss of self-esteem and anxiety due to issues during the diagnosis process.

Following in-depth interviews and a focus group study, it is demonstrated that patients and their relatives do not have any information about hepatitis C before the diagnosis. When the diagnosis is announced without giving adequate information about the disease, patients feel panic, uncertainty, fear of stigmatization and hopelessness; which hinder the motivation to fight against the disease. Survey also shows that in some cases patients are divorced, deserted, or stigmatized by their neighbors, colleagues and healthcare professionals after diagnosis; which all lead to problems such as loss of trust, loss of self-esteem, and anxiety among patients. Within this context, not being informed enough or being misinformed lead to psychological and social problems for the patients and their families. Patients get the information about the disease mostly from their physicians, but the work burden on healthcare professionals prevent them giving comprehensive information on the subject. Consequently, patients and their families do not have any information about Hepatitis C unless there’s already another patient around them.5

Survey conducted among healthcare professionals shows that just like the public, healthcare professionals also do not have accurate and adequate information on Hepatitis C.

Data from the focus group conducted with healthcare professionals demonstrate that most of participants believe that Hepatitis C is an incurable disease with a negative course. The most dramatic results from survey show that Hepatitis C patients are put at the end of the waiting list for operations because of the risk of transmission, some nurses avoid assisting in their operations, and some dentists refrain from treating Hepatitis C patients. Survey also demonstrates that healthcare providers in other specialties do not have enough information about Hepatitis C; furthermore, routine precautions for preventing transmission are not taken during physical examinations in first-line settings or procedures such as drawing blood/making injections. All these data show that the public, the patients and even healthcare professionals do not have accurate and adequate information about Hepatitis C.5

The “Hepatitis C Myths are Contagious Task Force”, who shared the data they have so far collected with the public on the occasion of 28 July World Hepatitis Day, next plan to undertake projects to inform the society and healthcare professionals in the light of these data.

Prof. A.Kadir Dokmeci- Immediate Past President of APASL, Member of SC/EC
Prof. Necati Ormeci - Member of EC

APASL Future Meetings

We APASL will hold following conferences in the future!

APASL STC on HBV in Armenia

Date: October 3-5, 2015
City: Yerevan, Armenia
President: Dr. Hasmik Ghazinyan
APASL STC on HCV in India

Date: December 18-20, 2015
City: New Delhi, India
Conference Patron: Dr. S K Sarin
Conference Chairman: Dr. B C Sharma
Conference Secretary: Dr. Manoj Kumar
APASL STC on Cirrhotic Complications in Korea

Date: April 8-10, 2016
City: Busan, Korea
Venue: Paradise Hotel Busan
President: Dr. Kwang-Hyub Han
APASL STC on HCV in Taiwan

Date: June 10-12, 2016
City: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Venue: Kaohsiung Exhibition Center
President: Dr. Wan-Long Chuang

APASL Fellowship 2016

It is our pleasure to inform you that we have elected a 2015 fellow successfully and now we are in preparation phase to offer the fellow the best placement for pursuing his career.

The objective of the fellowship is to foster career development by encouraging the beneficial experience of working in a different clinical or research environment in another country in the Asia-Pacific region. These fellowships provide for advanced training in health and medical research in any country in the Asia-Pacific region and enable fellows to work in a clinical environment or on a research project with nominated advisers. We appreciate your generous contributions and support for these APASL fellowships and look forward to a number of high-quality applications for a 2016 fellowship.

An application form can be downloaded by clicking here: fill in and send to the APASL secretariat ( We are looking forward to receiving your application.

There are no restrictions based on nationality. The sponsoring institution with the academic environment to provide adequate support for the proposed project might be suggested by APASL. Application will be reviewed by APASL Committee members. The decisions of the Committee are final and not subject to appeal.