The Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver [APASL]

Thank you for taking part on our APASL Hepatology Webinar!
The video of APASL Memorial webinar is available on APASL YouTube channel.

Date: Saturday September 26, 2020
Title: “Roger Williams and Hepatology in Asia”
Moderators: Dr. Nikolai Naoumov (UK) / Dr. Masao Omata (Japan)
Opening remarks: “In memory of Roger Williams” by Dr. Nikolai Naoumov
Topic 1: “Advances in liver transplantation for viral hepatitis”
Speaker 1: Dr. Edward Gane (New Zealand)
Topic 2: “HBV Reactivation – research in the past 3 decades”
Speaker 2: Dr. George Lau (Hong Kong)
Closing Remarks and one minute silence