The Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver [APASL]

  • This official journal was launched in 2007 and publishes the abstracts of the Annual Meeting, original and review articles, and APASL guidelines.
  • The journal is issued bimonthly and growing rapidly. We received over 400 manuscript submissions in a year and the acceptance rate of original article is now 10 to 20%.
  • The impact factors were 1.00 in year 2008, 1.725 in year 2009, and 2.963 in year 2010.


News: Indexing of Hepatology International in THE MEDLINE

Dear Members,
Sub: Indexing of Hepatology International in THE MEDLINE and increased scope for submission of Original Research Papers
Greetings from Hepatology International!!
As the year 2015 comes to a close, we would once again take this opportunity to share with you the greatest milestone achieved by Hepatology International this year: “Of being indexed in the Medline.”
Also, all the papers – from 2011 to the most current – are now available on PubMed for reference.
This recognition definitely lends significant momentum to dedicate more to our Journal and take it to a higher academic stature than before.
In the same fervor and spirit, may we then ask you to contribute more original research papers that will not only add value to the readability index, but consequently increase the citations and the Impact Factor.
As distinguished members of APASL, we believe that the onus lies on each of us to add to the scientific value of the research content of the journal and strengthen it year on year.
On this note, we hope to receive your active support by contributing latest research studies for publication in the journal.
With best regards
Professor Masao Omata, Professor Shiv K. Sarin

Our Journal is Now on Medline! And available to all APASL members!!

Dear APASL member
It is a matter of great satisfaction and joy to inform that the Hepatology International has been recently accepted by Medline for indexing, and all the papers published so far are now cited on PubMed. This has been a long standing requirement of the APASL members and the academic community of this journal, which has been fulfilled now.
Please log into the member site of APASL with your ID and Password, and reach the journal content through the hyperlink.

APASL Guidelines

Now the nine APASL Guidelines have been published in Hepatology International !!!

APASL Guidelines for HBV (Hepatol Int 2012; 6: 531-561) 
*Erratum to HBV (Hepatol Int 2012; 6: 809-810)
APASL Guidelines for HCV (Hepatol Int 2012; 6: 409-435)
APASL Guidelines for HCC (Hepatol Int 2010; 4: 439-474)
APASL Guidelines for Acute-on-chronic Liver Failure (Hepatol Int 2014; 8: 453-471)
APASL Guidelines for Fibrosis (Hepatol Int 2009; 3: 323-333)
APASL Guidelines for IPH (Hepatol Int 2007; 1: 398-413)
APASL Guidelines for Variceal Bleeding (Hepatol Int 2008; 2: 429-439)
APASL Clinical Practice Guidelines (Hepatl Int 2016; 1: 1-98)
APASL Guidelines for ACLF (Hepatol Int 2014; 4: 453 – 471)