The Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver [APASL]

As people of all cultures and faiths welcome the Year of the Earth Pig, let us all give thanks for family, the wisdom of our mentors, and the company of our friends and neighbors.

We, your family from Asian Pacific Study of the Liver, ushers this year with an exchange of scientific research and ideas by blending cultural diversity with science. We invite you to the 2019 APASL Annual by Convention on February 20-24 2019 the theme: “Soaring To New Heights In Hepatology(

APASL 2019 will highlight the current paradigms and future perspectives in the management of liver diseases. It will serve as a platform to blend clinical practitioners, researchers, and academicians to share ideas and foster learning in Asia-Pacific Region. Accepted abstracts will be published in Hepatology International therefore we encourage participants to submit your abstract. We have extended abstract submission to December 28, 2018.

What is new with APASLMANILA 2019:
  • APASL Awards
    1st Okuda-Omata APASL Distinguished Award
    1st Powell-Sarin APASL Lifetime Achievement Award
    1st Sollano-Lesmana APASL Great Mentor Award
  • APASL Rising Star Awards
  • APASL-AASLD-EASL-ALEH participation
  • APASL Community with National Liver Societies
  • APASL-AASLD Joint Clinical Research Workshop
  • Top 3 abstracts- travel grant to AASLD 2019
  • APASL Mentoring program
  • Hepatology International Editors’Pick
  • APASL-AASLD Joint Clinical Research Workshop
  • “Research Basics and Intricacies: From Conception to Completion
  • APASL Liver Transplant Course: Optimizing Outcomes in Liver Transplantation
  • APASL Post-Graduate Course: Current Approaches to Common Liver Problems
  • APASL Basic Hepatology Course: NAFLD:From Basics to Clinics:
  • APASL Public Health Day
  • APASL-AASLD Symposium on HCC
  • APASL-EASL Symposium on Alcoholic Liver Disease
  • APASL-International Ascites Club Symposium
  • APASL-AARC Symposium
  • NAFLD in Asia Pacific Region- presentation from different AP countries
  • APASL Guidelines
  • Pediatric Hepatology symposium
  • Liver Pathology and Radiology symposium
  • Drug Discovery symposium

2019 APASL-MANILA is a distinct chance to interact, establish network, collaborate researches among the region with cultural diversity bound together with a single vision to improve patient care of those with liver diseases.


Diana Alcantara-Payawal, MD, FPCP, FPSDE

Asian Pacific Study of the LIver

Date: February 20-24, 2019
City: Manila, Philippines
President: Dr. Diana A. Payawal