The Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver [APASL]

World Hepatitis Day


World Hepatitis Day is an annual event that each year provides international focus for patient groups and people living with hepatitis B and C. It is an opportunity around which interested groups can raise awareness and influence real change in disease prevention and access to testing and treatment.


  • Report from Thailand

The Liver Foundation and Thai Association for the Study of the Liver have organized a “Screening and Diagnosis the Hepatitis B to prevent Liver Cancer” open for free to public to Celebrating 84 Birthdays of His Majestic King ” Bhumibol Adulyadej”.

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  • Report from HongKong

Cheng Si-Yuan Hepatitis Research Foundation cooperates with Yan Oi Tong to set up a 3-year “Yan Oi Tong Cheng Si-Yuan Hepatitis Free Generation Clinic” in Tuen Mun to provide free hepatitis B screening service to citizens and consultation by gastroenterology and hepatology doctors to patients.
The Foundation hopes that public awareness of hepatitis can be raised with the setting up of the clinic and thus to create a “Hepatitis Free Generation” society.

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  • Report from Pakistan

To mark the day, seminars, press conferences, TV programs, walks, free medical camps and other activities were held in which speakers highlighted different aspects of the disease. They conveyed the message that the disease is preventable. .
It is estimated that 15 million Pakistanis were suffering from hepatitis B and C. This means one out of every 13 Pakistanis is suffering from either hepatitis B or C. Eradication of this disease from Pakistan could only be possible through better awareness, prevention, care, support and access to treatment. On this occasion, Pakistan Society for the Study of Liver Diseases (PSSLD) distributed information material and posters, addressed the media, and organized public awareness programs in many centres.


  • Report from Bangladesh

World Hepatitis Day 2012 was observed with due importance in Bangladesh jointly by Association for the Study of the Liver, Dhaka, Bangladesh (the national association of Hepatologists of the country and Viral Hepatitis Foundation Bangladesh.
A Round Table Discussion Meeting was organized at the VIP Lounge of National Press Club in Dhaka.
Secretary General of the Association presented a presentation at this meeting updating about the present status of HBV and HCV in Bangladesh.
The round table was covered by five television channels of the country, as well as in more than 20 national newspapers.

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  • Report from Indonesia

In Indonesia, for the World Hepatitis Day 2012 we conducted a series of activity since 1 month before July 28, in colaboration with our Ministry of Health. Flyers and letters to mark the WHD 2012 were already sent to hospitals nation wide and they already made various activity to mark this day. We conducted seminars in 10 cities to raised awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis especially B and C. We also made a press conference to several top-media in Indonesia. TV chat and discussion about hepatitis were also conducted in 3 big TV station that cover all over Indonesia. on July 28, as the peak of WHD 2012, there will be a seminar in Ministry of Health and we will also mark the launching of our book of Indonesia viral hepatitis control program. This program is the collaboration of Indonesian Association for Study of the Liver with the Ministry of Health.


  • Report from Korea

For the World Hepatitis Day of this year, Korean Association for the Study of Liver (KASL) sent out press release about the World Hepatitis Day in the media. We got press publicity including interviews with leading health professionals of the KASL and Korean Liver Foundation (KLF) in many media including two major newspapers.
Since KASL established “Liver Day” 10 years ago, we held a ceremony and gave open lectures on liver diseases for general public, and provided free clinical check-ups of the public and foreign laborers for hepatitis.


  • Report from Taiwan

For the World Hepatitis Day 2012 , there are at least programs from three NGOs in Taiwan as follows.

    1. Advancing Clinical Treatment – Hepatitis B virus, Taiwan, ACT-HBV, CEVHAP (represented by Prof DS Chen) will hold a press conference on the control of hepatitis B.
    2. Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Research Foundation will have activities in northern Taiwan.
    3. Taiwan Liver Research Foundation will have activities in Southern Taiwan.


  •  Report from Myanmar

The Myanmar Gastroenterology & Liver Society (Myanmar Medical Association) commemorated “World Hepatitis Day” on July 20,2012.
The event was attended by over 300 people and the Opening Address was delivered by Prof. Kyaw Myint Naing, President of the Myanmar Medical Association.
Prof. Than Than Swe, President of Myanmar GI & Liver Society gave a welcoming speech followed by three speakers on the subjects of:
Overview of Viral Hepatitis    -     Prof. Khin Maung Win, Prof.  & Head, Yangon GI & Liver Centre.
epatitis B (World Perspective) - Prof. Win Naing, Prof.  & Head, Department of Hepatology, Yangon General Hospital.
epatitis C in Myanmar          -     Dr. Naomi Khaing Than Hlaing, Head, Department of Hepatology, Mandalay General Hospital.
Closing ceremony was delivered by Prof.Than Sitt.