The Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver [APASL]

World Hepatitis Day 2013

World Hepatitis Day (28 July) is one of the highlights of the year. Whilst viral hepatitis is a global problem, the burden of disease in the Asia Pacific region is extraordinary. Participation in World Hepatitis Day emphasizes to our communities, governments and other international agencies, including WHO and the United Nation the need to address issues of transmission, surveillance, testing and treatment of this condition. We are planning to sponsor various programs on this day. Please let us know the plan to promote this special event in your country. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


  • Report from Pakistan

There are about 15 million people suffering from hepatitis B and C in Pakistan. Prevalance of hepatitis C is 4.8% and of hepatitis B is 2.5 %, stated by Prof. Dr.Adib Rizvi, director SIUT(Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation). A comprehensive effort from government is urgently needed if we are to curb the shocking death toll, and prevent millions of new infections.

Dr. Zaigham Abbas, from the Department of Gastroenterology, SIUT who is also a member of APASL and CEVHAP presented on the mode of spread of viral hepatitis.   <…Read more>


  • Report from Bangladesh

   A rally was arranged at Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh on WHD. A seminar on hepatitis B was also arranged at Mymensingh Medical College which is situated about 120 km from capital city.

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  • Report from United Arab Emirates 

All  events during this day and after have been organized  in collaboration between  APASL,the Emirates society of gastroenterology as Chaired by DR Mariam ALRumaithy and the Ministry of interior represented in the Police medical services .
UAE is one of the most cosmopolitan countries all over the world.  Besides the Emirate nationals, there are millions of workers from different countries of the worls but mostly are Asians.
The most important issue in this event was  how to communicate properly with  people with different languages  in one country.
All activities have been  totally sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Police Geral Head Quarter.

Illusrative brouchers (left ) as educational materials were distributed in the crowded places… <…Read more>






  • Report from Egypt

The Egyptian Association of Liver Patients Care (ALPC) & Egyptian Liver Research Institute And Hospital (ELRIAH) have recently celebrated the World Hepatitis Day 2013 (on 28 July, 2013, almost 200 participants, at patients waiting hall, in ELRIAH).
It was a social event including the following:
1- Press conference.
2- Free  investigations, imaging & medical services and attention.
3- Fun day for kids.
4- Awareness pamphlets & kits for the attendees.

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  • Report from Republic of Korea

The Korean Association for the Study of the Liver (KASL) conducted a survey on awareness, vaccination, medical examination, and treatment for liver diseases. An online poll was conducted targeting 3,000 adults in Korea.
The result of the survey shows that awareness on liver disease, especially hepatitis B and C was significantly low. Nine out of 10 responded they have not received or are not aware of HCV infection screening. Also, in case of hepatitis B, 26% of respondents were unvaccinated and 33% of respondents were not aware of their vaccination status.  <…Read more>